The Annual RIVER Christmas Party! Here are the details:

When:  This Monday, December 16, 2019, 5 to 9pm (take note!  Early start and late finish!!)
Where:  Meeting at Atonement, then driving to Everett Skate Rink
What:  A skating adventure, then food, fellowship, crazy Christmas gift exchange and lots of fun!
Bring:  (every person should also bring these three things!)
1. Bring a nice warm coat as skating will be cold!
2.  $5 for the night                                                                                            3.A wrapped Christmas gift  –  The gift should be for someone at youth group.   The gift should be  one that can be valuable…or can be not so valuable.  It can be practical…or not so practical.  It can be something someone would want…or something funny that they probably might not want.  It can be anything from: a DVD movie…to hair growth treatment…to a coffee mug with candy in it…to a squirt gun…to a gift card….to pickled pigs feet…a box of candy, etc.  It should not be something obviously used.  It should be new or in like new condition.  It’s best if it’s something you would like to receive.

Don’t be late!  Come a little early!  We will be leaving for skating at the beginning and it will be a lot of fun, so don’t miss it!

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